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  • Did you know ?

    You could not only wake up earlier but also feel better.

  • Did you know ?

    Some of your senses remain alert while you sleep.

  • Did you know ?

    Not all types of sleep are created equal, some repair your brain, others your body.

  • Did you know ?

    There is a strong relationship between REM (rapid eye movements) sleep and the memory process.

  • Did you know ?

    For years, your bedside lamp has been a silent sleep killer.

  • Did you know ?

    Blue light can help you wake up by lowering your body's level of sleep hormones.

  • Did you know ?

    Blue light can help you wake up by re-syncing your biological clock.

  • Did you know ?

    A power nap make you feel more energized than a cup of coffee.

Why should I care about my sleep?

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  • Duration of sleep and wake-up time

    Waking up feeling instead or well rested does not solely depend on the number of hours you have slept. The way you feel in the morning also depends of your sleep pattern. Emerging from a light sleep cycle leaves you feeling energized, while being awoken during a deep sleep cycle can leave you feeling groggy for the rest of the day. Ensure that you wake up at the best time of your sleep cycle.

  • The effect of the environment on your sleep

    Sleeping doesn't mean your body is totally shut down. External stimuli such as sound, light, and temperature can trigger your senses and disturb your sleep even without waking you. These stimuli can cause your sleep cycle to turn from deep to light which will negatively affect your sleep experience. - Some noise can wake you up, consciously or not followed by difficulties to falling asleep - Our bodies need to regulate temperature. Even small changes to the environment force your body to work harder than it should, disrupting a good night's sleep. - Even the slightest light can disturb your sleep. Monitoring your environment can help you better understand how your environment is impacting your sleep quality.

  • The crucial benefits of REM and deep sleep

    REM sleep plays a crucial role in cognition, problem solving, and the consolidation of memory. During deep sleep, a pulse of growth hormone that repairs your tissues and helps them grow is released. Tracking sleep cycles is key to enhancing your overall health.

  • Some lights can help you to fall asleep

    Melatonin is the hormone that tells your brain when it's time to fall asleep. The blue light emmited by devices such as your TV, computer, or bedside lamp can decrease the amount of melatonin delivered to your brain. Red light, on the other hand, doesn't decrease your level of melatonin and will help you to fall asleep more easily.

  • Some lights can help you wake up

    Melatonin is the hormone that tells your brain when it's time to fall asleep. Short wave-lengths of blue light are scientifically proven to be the best lightwaves for supressing melatonin. Using blue light as part of the wake up process can help you to feel less groggy.

  • Napping vs. drinking coffee

    When you feel tired in the afternoon, napping for a short 20 minutes nap is more effective than your regular americano. Both napping and coffee will provide the much-needed boost, but while napping helps your memory, coffee will decrease its performance making you more prone to mistakes. Launch a power nap system and feel re-energized.